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AliStroup is 19 with athletic body, shoulder length brown hair, and brown eyes.[utm_source]=modelfeed&params[utm_medium]=webmaster&params[utm_campaign]=api/model/feed&params[utm_content]=performer&params[psid]=strippermarketing&params[psprogram]=cbrnd&params[pstool]=213_1&subAffId=&categoryName=girl&cobrandId=239310&siteId=wl3&pageName=freechat&performerName=AliStroup&superCategoryName=girls

”It’s been a long, long time…

(stir it, stir it, stir it together)

Since I got you on my mind.

Now you are here, I said, it’s so clear

There’s so much we could do, baby.

Just me and you…”

You are all welcome to my room, hope we can enjoy lot of fun. You can call me Alison or Ali. I love to dance, to have fun and to share expiriences. Hope you come in!

So if you would like to know better about me feel free to talk with me when i’m online. I’m really kinky but also I love deep conversations. If you like music and want to share your favorites with me, I’ll be really happy. Dance is my first love. I’m seax