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AilinCrystal is 24 with athletic body, shoulder length black hair, and brown eyes.[utm_source]=modelfeed&params[utm_medium]=webmaster&params[utm_campaign]=api/model/feed&params[utm_content]=performer&params[psid]=strippermarketing&params[psprogram]=cbrnd&params[pstool]=213_1&subAffId=&categoryName=girl&cobrandId=239310&siteId=wl3&pageName=freechat&performerName=AilinCrystal&superCategoryName=girls

i consider myself a smart woman, i think that i change the life of the people that is around me, i am sweet and what make me unique is that i am real and honest, i like to take the time to get to know the other person and find his deepest desires and secrets, i will make u feel new sensations if u choose to come into my world, u will feel unique and u wouldn’t want to leave it.

I really like to travel and spend my time lying on tropical beaches in my seductive swimsuit and see how guys passionately watch at me especially when they are with their girlfriends. Also I very like to cook pasta. And then eat it! 😀